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December Update

December Update

Happy Holidays everyone and by extension as well, welcome to the first official entry to the Key Jay Productions Blog!

To introduce myself, I'm Jamaal "Key Jay" Ephriam and in an effort to keep all supporters up to date with the latest news around Key Jay Productions, I've personally decided to dedicate the first of every month to an update blog covering as much as possible information on what we have now, what is being developed, and plans for this month and more with all of Key Jay Productions.

So lets get things started!

Project Wind

Last month we saw the official announcement of "Project Wind", my latest major production since "FLUR: Blades of the Universe"!

Within the video, we got a sneak peak at our first character, Fly, a charismatic fox girl with simple dream of always wanting to fly.

The goal of "Project Wind" is to be multi faceted with a plethora of media properties and projects. Considering the company is still young, our financial resources relatively low (for now) and to keep expenses from ballooning, "Project Wind" will make heavy use of the number one resource I have readily available to me, audio production...at least for now.

The exciting quality about this project is that it's very mutable. Unlike "FLUR" which was an incredible project which equally demanded an incredible level of quality and attention that visually was difficult to afford with no real way to scale the cost without impacting the core design and heart of the production, "Project Wind" is designed in a way where visually it can take different liberties and still be effective both in story and core design. The intent with "Project Wind" is for it to be flexible yet effective.

Even though I'm starting with an audio based approach with this project, I'm still cautiously investing in visual content (as you've seen) to help bolster both the audio and future position of the work; hence animation! For example...

Here's a work in progress sequence featuring Fly and two more characters created by animator LeAnn Schmitt. You'll learn more about the other two characters in the future. This sequence aside, a few more sequences of animation are planned. LeAnn is the brilliant animator responsible for Fly's animation on the teaser, and she's been hard at work polishing up the next sequence. A bit of a spoiler, you have NOT seen the full sequence that is in the teaser just yet.

Next Sequence Storyboard
Background Development
Color Work

Needless to say, Animation is expensive and the effectiveness of getting more of it (*wink wink*) will depend a lot on the financial initiatives to come.

That said, the next big step aside from finishing more or the sequences is to finish defining a private and public roadmap for "Project Wind" for next year.

We've got some new product reviews!

Well I should say, we will in like, a few hours.

In addition to everything else, I'm also revitalizing my review channel which you can find here:

For these next few videos, I'll be taking a look at the "Valve Steam Deck"; a highly talked about portable gaming PC in a "Switch-like" form factor, and the "NREAL Air AR Glasses"; a suitable companion for the "Steam Deck".

Of course, if you wish to buy the "NREAL Glasses", I've also joined Amazon's affiliate program so I will get a kickback from the sale. Sales commision will go straight into Key Jay Production's production budget.

Key'd N Podcast

The first episode of the Key'd N podcast has been published to Spotify. In that episode, we talk about game streaming and options for remote streaming; a pretty important topic in this era of Cloud services.

So then the question becomes, when's the next episode and what can we expect?

In the interim between episodes, I've been drafting a couple of different topics with the plan of ramping up production of the Podcast again starting January 2023.

A couple of productions got ahead of the podcast (including an unexpected collaboration), and I still have a few more to finish hopefully before the end of the year. So to make sure I give each topic proper attention, I think starting up again in January makes the most sense.

Speaking of Collaborations...


Probably one of the most unexpected of things to happen this month was a collaboration on a production with Leo Val.

For those of you who do not know Leo, he's the Album Art designer for a lot of the Pixel Mixer Albums, but he's also an excellent guitarist and music producer.

You can find more of his art here:

I've worked with Leo in the past as a vocalist on his personal project, "Hack the Power" which is also on Spotify.

This time however, I guest on his track again as a vocalist for a Cyberpunk 2077 competition! While it's still too early to say if our song will make it to the game, worst case, it's likely to hit Spotify.

More updates on this project as they come available.

Event Research and Funding

Probably one of the largest goals for 2023 is to secure more operational capital. While I am considering different options in traditional funding and investing, I'd much prefer the majority of that support come from our own efforts; the POWER CREW VIP and other initiatives.

I'm searching for new opportunities next year to bolster support; meetups, corporates events, mixers, etc. Granted, I do believe that as projects like "Project Fly" continue to grow, more of the support will follow, but I can at least put my best foot forward. Who knows, there might be an event out there that through the support gained, could take Key Jay Productions to the moon (crypto pun aside obviously).

And more Ahead

This outlines just a few of the many parts still ahead. Project Fly will needs a website eventually, I'll likely be enlisting help from a few voice actor friends I know to begin casting voices, I'll need to search for more musicians, and I might even get back into streaming (for chill, less for gaming) to talk more about topics from the Podcast and our future projects, or just to have a good time with others...to which, I need to get my layouts back to par.

As much as it is, I'm enjoying the process! There's more to come than ever before and I'll be sure more than ever before to not keep you in the dark.

Till next time!