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Welcome to the Dev Blog!

Welcome to the Dev Blog!

So this has been a long time coming.

For months now, I've been silently working on a new space that would be suitable to keep everyone who supports Key Jay and Key Jay Productions updated. I also needed a way to keep some of those updates, private and special to members; things such as work in progress footage, test tracks, process notes, and even headspace updates of where projects are going, and where Key Jay Productions is going.

At first the solution seemed simple. I would fire up a Wordpress site, get a few plugins to manage memberships, and that's that. However, remembering my previous experiences with Wordpress even when I started the Power Crew site and the Key Jay Store, I REALLY didn't want to have to deal with Wordpress! There should absolutely be no reason to have to spend so much time in just trying to secure legacy aspects of the platform, and then figuring out a way to poor gas on it to make things faster because yeah, plugins are DEFINITELY going to slow the site down (and it did).

Thankfully my search bore fruit!

This site is not only the new home for the Key Jay Productions Dev Blog, but it's also the new home for the POWER CREW VIP membership which is subsequently connected to the newly reopened Patreon, all running on Ghost!

But enough about that...

What to expect from this Blog?

So by becoming a Power Crew VIP member, you automatically have complete access to this blog. You'll find:

  • WIP Images and Footage for ongoing visual project
  • Drafts for new audio projects
  • Insider info and progress reports, and development process notes for ongoing and planned projects
  • Updates and information on community changes.
  • Event plans and announcements
  • Access to community only polls

Not only will this blog be an excellent record of our growth and progress, but it solves the big problem of keeping my supporters consistently informed on what's going on. An accessible platform or vehicle for supporter updates was a big improvement I wanted to make, one that wouldn't get to much in my way. Now, thanks to Ghost, I have a way of doing that, and may even be able to expand to more delivery methods.

So it's not only easier for me to inform you, you'll also never miss an update either.

So what do I do now?

Since you're a Power Crew VIP, you can now explore all there is to offer with this blog. All I ask is that you keep any and all information shared here to yourself and please DO NOT share unless you've been told that you can.

By becoming a Power Crew VIP, I'm also instilling a lot of trust in you. Please respect the work and my wishes so we can all celebrate our accomplishments together.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at contact@keyjayonline.com.

Thank you and ENJOY!